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With motorhomes in the middle of nature

It's already mid-November, and this fall is very friendly with us nature and travel lovers. We try to take advantage of every weekend or every day off, to organize an outing or a mini-vacation with caravans. Talking to friends, we realized that many people are somewhat restrained when planning a caravan holiday in the off-season, but there are also people who have experienced other caravan adventures and know that the comfort of these cottages is comparable to a hotel room. which comes with countless benefits to the package. This time I set off with a group of three caravans. Of course, the children were part of the landscape and more, one of them was celebrating his birthday. Good opportunity to have a surprise party the day after we camp.

Choosing a campsite

As you know, in terms of the camping infrastructure in our country, there is still work to be done, especially when we are talking about the cold period of the year. Considering that we only had 3 days of vacation, we had to get to a location quite quickly and one of the most spectacular landscapes can be found at Plaiul Foii. We started looking for campsites, but many of them were closed or could not provide all the necessary facilities. However, everyone was very relaxed, because I knew that the caravans are equipped and equipped with everything you need and for the off camping option. We arrived in the Plaiul Foii area when it was already dark, therefore using the specific applications, we arrived on a plateau, on the edge of a river where other motorhomes and caravans were parked. Since the fireplaces were already arranged with stones, it was very easy for us to get into the camp atmosphere and we lit a fire, we sat down next to our chairs and we spent a quiet and relaxing evening with stories and happenings. which is more or less funny.

Activities with children in nature in autumn

The next morning, the landscape surprised us all. We were camping at the foot of the mountain near a clearing and the view of Piatra Craiului was spectacular. It was a chilly frosty morning, but it was quiet and only good for taking a deep breath. We drank our steaming coffee outside, and the sun began to warm us from the first hours. The children enjoyed all the things around them: they rode their bicycles, threw stones at the river, climbed trees, gathered wood from the forest, danced, went hiking… while we managed to prepare their party.

Caravan anniversary

A party in nature can be one of the most beautiful moments for a child, because you can do less common things. In addition to balloons, cake, helmets, whistles, we prepared meringues to heat on the fire and a pajama party just for them in one of the caravans. The fun was even greater, as other children from other motorhomes participated in our party. It was nice and fun to see the kids so excited and happy. After this experience, we realized that you can have a wonderful adventure with the caravan even if you stay camped in the same place for a few days. Also, in the FreedomCamper caravans you have all the comfort of an accommodation, but with a landscape chosen only by you.

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