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Motorhome tour in the Peloponnese

Greece is a country that delights tourists from all over the world and caters to the tastes of the area. Of all the parts of Greece, the Peloponnese Peninsula offers you natural beauty and a lot of history and legends, as if all wrapped in the mystery characteristic of Ancient Greece.

The Peloponnese peninsula is located in the southern part of the country and the most interesting places to visit are of course along the coast that surrounds this peninsula. The motorhome tour gives you the opportunity to taste all the beauties of the Peloponnese: wonderful views, excellent beaches, bays full of tavernas and last but not least ancient cities and areas such as Olympia, Petra, Kalamata.

The weather is friendly and if you really want to swim in the crystal clear waters, the best time to go is between April and October.

You can find the most suitable campsites and campsites with the help of the Park4night app or other specialist apps. Suggested campsites: Kastraki, Gythion Bay, Ionion Beach, Simos, Finikes.

Here is also a suggestion to plan the Peloponnese tour with the FreedomCamper motorhome that will surely be on the list of unforgettable holidays:

Days 1 - 5:

the city of Corith ->Epidaurus ->Mycynae Nafplio ->Kosmas ->Epidaurus

The distances between these locations are not very long, except for the road to Monemvasia, but you will be able to visit the ruins of Ancient Greece and still enjoy the beach and sun in Epidaurus.

Days 6 - 12:

Pavlopetri -> Gythion -> Mystras ->Mani, DirosCabes ->Ridomo Gorge -> Messini -> Kalamata

In this part of the peninsula you can choose to go snorkelling, discover caves and see spectacular waterfalls.

Days 13-18:

Methoni Koroni -> Pylos ->Olympia ->Poloi Forest ->Kyllini Thermal Baths and back to Patras.

It is a part of the peninsula full of vegetation and beaches with azure water.

Traveling by motorhome will give you the freedom to experience a different kind of vacation that will be full of unforgettable memories and adventures.

The road home is long, but when you go on vacation with the motorhome, comfort is at your fingertips.

Travel in your style with FreedomCamper motorhomes and choose the holidays that will impress your soul!

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