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Holiday ideas

      We live in times when we think a lot about how / where it is best to spend our vacation to protect ourselves and our loved ones, to spend moments in the desired places without exposing ourselves to risks and we guarantee you that a caravan vacation it saves you from all worries and leaves room for Adventure, Relaxation, Fun, Unforgettable Memories.


       From the Black Sea to Maramures, from the Cazanele Dunarii to Bucovina, our country is worth seeing especially for the wonderful landscapes and places we have heard about or want to see again.

        Many times we went on our hikes past wonderful places, where we could have enjoyed nature in the morning for a coffee, or in the evening for a glass of wine and a campfire with friends, and this will happen if your vacation will be one with a caravan.

         Not only we say, but also the people who have been in these places, that at least once you have to go on your holiday album ...




      The villages of Maramures have become famous all over the world for their beauty and authenticity. The dreamy landscapes, the calm and welcoming people, the traditions, the architecture of the houses, that much and fresh green, the hay heads, the wooden churches sprinkled in the valleys, those huge gates, carved with so much care, transformed Maramures into an area that it authenticates us with us, with the Romanians within us.

         Here are the most beautiful places / things in the area:


  • The Merry Cemetery from Sapânta

  • Mocanita walk on the Vaser Valley

  • Bârsana Monastery

  • Horse Waterfall

  • Rodna Mountains National Park

  • Mara-Cosau-Creata Cocosului area, Breb village




      Before leaving for the lands of Bukovina, you must know that you will discover places full of peace, tranquility, beauties of nature that you see only through the eyes of the dreamer in you, monasteries of soul and people who make your day better.


       Be sure to stop by:


  • Putna Monastery

  • Daniil Sihastrul's cell

  • Weather in Salina Cacica

  • Voronet Monastery

  • The Egg Museum, from Customs

  • The Citadel of Suceava

  • Vatra dornei


Danube boilers

      It is said to be the most beautiful part of the entire Danube and to offer great views. The area offers various activities and you can suggest a route in the Banat Mountains, Retezat, Orastiei, Danube Gorge, more precisely the route would be Bucharest - Petrosani - Sarmizegetusa - Hateg - Muntele Mic - Poiana Marului - TransSemenic - Resita - Oravita - Moldova Noua - Drobeta Turnu-Severin.


       Check targets:


  • Decebal's face

  • Tabula Traiana

  • Ponicova Cave

  • Mraconia Monastery

  • Iron Gates National Park

  • Bigar Waterfall

Black Sea and Danube Delta



       Dobrogea is often associated with the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. It is an area very little known to tourism, but with many unique places full of history, and in this route we can of course add a part of the famous Danube Delta and the Coast with its natural beauties ...

  • Vadu Beach

  • Tuzla Beach

  • Dobrogea Gorges

  • Casian Cave

  • Enisala Fortress