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Getaway with the caravan no matter the weather

Autumn is a charming season, in which nature shows us that it is perfect and generous. Of course, you feel the best, see and enjoy the beauties of autumn if you have a getaway in the middle of nature, and as you already suspect, the option we propose is a mini vacation with the caravan.

Motorhome - suitable for any season

Even if the nights are colder, modern motorhomes are equipped with safe heating systems, thus providing a pleasant environment to spend the holidays even with children. So, if the comfort of accommodation is ensured, the route is established, all we have to do is enjoy the fairytale-torn landscapes and spend time with our loved ones. This time we chose well-known and visited locations, but we were impressed by the landscapes, the colors and the charm of autumn, so we wanted to stop in many places.

Fairy Valley

Porumbacu de Sus has become more and more famous in recent years due to the Clay Castle and more recently the Calendar Story. There are two locations that attract children especially through the atmosphere of the story they convey. You simply have the feeling that there, in that beautiful village surrounded by mountains, you reach a fairytale world and that you can be part of this world for a few hours. In the surroundings you will find both campsites and restaurants with delicious food. In addition to the Fairy Valley, the Sibiu area offers many attractions and places to visit, but during this time we wanted to spend our time outdoors.

Saint Ana Lake

The road to St. Anne's Lake was accompanied by those autumn landscapes that you see only in the most successful photos. Once there, we walked from the parking lot to the lake on foot, through the blanket of fallen leaves on the street and only good for children's games. As many people probably know, the lake is very beautiful, but in the light of the sunset the spectacle of nature is appropriate. The children ran as fast as they could, our adults drank something warm and we relaxed watching them. You don't have many camping or dining options around the lake, but we went down to Balvanyos Baths and had a perfect dinner at a well-known restaurant in the area.

It was a short vacation, but an experience that I would repeat whenever the weather is with us and the autumn sprinkles our trees with shades of brick. Travel safely and comfortably with FreedomCamper caravans, giving your loved ones memories for the soul!

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