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Trip to Legoland with motorhome

In addition to the usual holidays we schedule at sea or in the mountains, in the country or abroad, if you want an unforgettable getaway for the whole family, I suggest you plan a vacation in Legoland. Certainly all children are passionate about Lego and are full of imagination when building real miniature cities, cars, robots or animals. Legoland is the ideal place for children and parents with fun. Since the road is long and must be done over several days, the best choice is to go on this trip with a rented caravan, so you will no longer have to worry about hotel reservations and you will travel in your own style. I suggest an itinerary that includes several points of interest and in which fun is the key word.

Day 1 - Bucharest - Timisoara

The first camping will be in Timișoara with a stop at Timișoara International Camping, which is protected from the hustle and bustle of the city, but very close to the city, at the edge of the Green Forest. Being located just 3 km from Timisoara, you can enjoy a walk on the shores of Begai, dine or simply admire the city and the famous places of Timisoara.

Day 2 - Timisoara - Vienna

Once you arrive in Vienna, the offer of campsites is varied and you can easily find them with the help of applications like Park4night: Camping Wien South, Campin Wien West, Camping Neue Donau are just some suggestions. You can also book online, which is especially recommended during the summer. Here you can visit the world's oldest zoo Schönbrunn Zoo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most modern and well-appointed artificial habitats. With over 500 species of animals, some of them endangered, it is certainly a destination that will please the whole family and especially for the experience and culture of children.

Day 3 - 4 - Vienna - Legoland

Here we arrive at the long-awaited destination. Here you can choose to camp in the immediate vicinity of the park, in Camping Legoland - Gunzburg. The campsite has a lot of facilities, but it is important to make a reservation in advance to ensure your place near the land of fun. When we say Legoland we think of maximum fun, adventure, boundless imagination and certainly all the activities of the time spent here will remain in our soul as a child for many years.

Day 5 - Legoland - Vienna

On the way home, I suggest you stop for a few hours in the picturesque town of Hallstatt, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a city that recharges your batteries no matter how you choose to spend your time here.

Day 6 - Viena – Hunedoara

A stop in Huedoara offers you the opportunity to pay a visit to the Corvin Castle and to visit a city that has received more and more visitors in recent years, offering them a fragment of Romania's history.

Ziua 7 - Hunedoara - Bucharest

After a long journey and a vacation full of adventure, you will realize that a vacation with a caravan offers you the facilities and freedom that we all long for, especially in trips with many kilometers and many destinations. Travel in your own style with the Freedomcamper motorhomes!

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