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Motorhome or caravan?

Do you like vacations where you can see more places, travel freely and have adventure and time spent in nature? Then a holiday in which to go with a "wheeled house" is definitely suitable for you. You will have to decide what best suits your travel style: a caravan or a caravan. To make the best choice, here are some things to keep in mind when you want this type of vacation.


From the small and chic for a dreamy couple, to the large and spacious for a whole family, the caravans offer the comfort of a holiday home for those eager for adventure and experience.

The advantages of caravan holidays

  • Modern caravans are equipped with all the necessary equipment for a carefree holiday: solar panel, TV, efficient heating systems, kitchen, bathroom, comfortable beds and last but not least the enclosed terrace.

  • Detach yourself from your personal car if you want to take short walks in the camping area.

  • It can be parked in campsites for a longer period, if you intend to return to another place on the same weekend.

  • The purchase price is lower than that of motorhomes.

Disadvantages of choosing a caravan

  • It is necessary to have a car with which you can tow it and which also has a hook.

  • In most cases, it is not possible to drive only with a category B license, which requires additional courses and certificates.

  • It is harder to drive and park than a caravan.


In recent years, caravan manufacturers are increasingly moving towards luxury, conformity and efficiency when new models are introduced to the market. Even if you are thinking of renting a caravan or buying one, you definitely have a choice.

The advantages of motorhome travel

As in the case of caravans, when we talk about modern caravans, they offer everything you need for a perfect holiday: comfortable beds, dining area, modern kitchen, spacious bathroom, spacious closets, storage space for sports equipment, Smart TV , the internet and the list goes on.

  • The endowments and equipment of the caravan, offer you independence and the freedom to choose the camping place, because you will have electricity, heat, hot water, without the need to be in a specially arranged area.

  • It is driven with a category B license.

  • Easy to drive and park.


  • If you need to travel even shorter distances, in narrower cities or alleys, you will need to consider where you park it.

  • The purchase price is higher, but fortunately there is also the option of renting motorhomes, where you can test different models and choose a suitable one for your family.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use when planning your trip. The best option is to rent a caravan or caravan and you will be able to make the right choice.

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