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Mini-holiday at the Danube Boilers with camper

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The beginning of summer comes with the desire to travel, to escape as much as possible from our cities, to spend precious time in wonderful places and that's how you wake up that it's the weekend and the luggage is already done. Among the most beautiful and special places in our country are the Danube Boilers, where the great river flows through the narrowest and grandest part of the Danube Gorge, in a setting full of charm and story, as if guarded by the towering Carpathians. It is the perfect destination for a mini-caravan holiday, as it can be included in a few-day itinerary with Corvin Castle, Lake Surduc and Prislop Monastery..

Danube boilers

We left Bucharest for Orșova, thinking that, if we find the road too long and tiring, we can stop to spend the evening in Horezu. Given that this holiday we travel by caravan, for us any stop is an additional reason to know places, cities or to visit something new in the camping area. This time, we were so eager to reach the Danube boilers that we stopped directly at Camping Mala - Orșova, to fully enjoy all the activities in the area. The next day we preferred to go boating on the Danube, because the weather was beautiful and most of the objectives in the area can be seen from the water. The Large and Small Boilers are part of the Iron Gates Nature Reserve and I confirm that it is one of the most spectacular areas in our country. From the boat we could admire both the Romanian and Serbian shores that are sprinkled with stories told by our guide and especially with the objectives that can not be missed once you get there: the giant Chip of Decebalus, Veterans Cave, Mraconia Monastery, Ponicova Cave, Tabula Traiana. The area offers other activities that train you for fun and relaxation: fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, jet skiing, cycling.

Lake Surduc

We wanted to take advantage of the summer and nature and we chose the next stop to be on the shores of Lake Surduc. Since we arrived and we realized that it will be the favorite place of children, but also ours because the area is beautiful and gives you the perfect context for a caravan vacation. We had dinner in the soft sunset light and recharged our batteries for the next day when we were ready for splashing, sunbathing, pedal boating and playing with the kids.

Corvin Castle

Hunedoara is a city that has a pearl and this is the Corvin Castle. It is a place full of history and an area that is developing beautifully from a tourist point of view. In addition to the castle there are various entertainment centers, activities organized by various groups, festivals, fairs and last but not least restaurants.

Given that we went on this mini-vacation with the caravan, we had the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of nature, the splendor of the landscapes, the warm weather and last but not least to spend precious time with our loved ones.

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