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How to prepare your luggage for a campervan trip

There are a few more days and you're going on vacation. Again the luggage preparation has fallen on your shoulders and you start to think, to make lists, to organize yourself so as not to forget something useful at home and most importantly not to carry the whole house after you. This challenge is even greater when you have children and you have to take into account that they have fixed tables, that they need a medicine kit, they need more attention in terms of safety and it is not at all pleasant to realize that you don't have everything you need.

How you organize your luggage

If you go on holiday with a motorhome, many of your worries disappear for several reasons: - You can take your luggage without being limited by its volume. The highways are compartmentalized so that they are very spacious and well organized. - With a kitchen and refrigerator, you can control children's meals very well, especially when talking about snacks, fruits, vegetables and other culinary preferences of the family. - In the bathroom you can organize all your cosmetics and medicines so that you have the whole stay at hand. - Bicycle stand, spacious garage and camping accessories give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities because you can take with you up to 4 bikes, scooters, rollers, skateboards, fishing kit, skis, depending on the destination and why you plan to go on vacation.

The comfort of a house in a caravan

FreedomCamper motorhomes are equipped so that you can have a carefree holiday and not be deprived of the comfort of a home: - Pillows, duvets, blankets, mattress protection. Bed linen can be provided on request. - Complete set of cutlery, crockery, set of pots, coffee maker, grinder, bottle opener, wine glasses, cups, water glasses, shredder - Hotel cosmetics set, hotel slippers, hand towels - Complete set for camping consisting of table and chairs, outdoor carpet, grill and barbecue accessories.

What you should not miss from your luggage

In addition to your favorite wardrobe and cosmetics, when you go on holiday with the caravan, don't forget to take your "caravan luggage" with you: - Equipment for sports activities depending on preferences and location - Medicines and objects to help you when needed, considering that you spend a lot of time in nature (insect spray, mosquito spiral and first aid medicines) - Water, juices and a bottle of wine for a nice sunset, to stay cool for the next stop. Given all this, it remains only to think about what activities you can have on vacation, in addition to the usual ones, given the fact that the caravan gives you the freedom to stop and try new challenges. And if you have fun and time flies by without realizing it, it's okay, you can camp around and start the road when you're rested.

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