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Go fishing by caravan

We know how much you appreciate spending time with your family or loved ones, but most of the time this aspect gains ground to the detriment of your passions. For example, if you are passionate about fishing and would like to share the secrets of this sport with the little ones, but also offer them a holiday in the middle of nature, rent a caravan and go on a great adventure. In addition to the fact that a caravan trip is a beautiful experience for the whole family, completing the program with activities such as fishing, cycling or lighting a campfire will turn the holiday into an unforgettable memory for the little ones. The perfect fishing spots are in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle and more and more campsites have been built on the waterfront, both for the wonderful scenery and to offer diversity to tourists. A few days out with a motorhome fishing can meet the preferences and requirements of all family members or a group.

Don't forget your fishing rods at home!

Baggage preparation will probably be the easiest mission of this journey. The motorhomes are ingeniously compartmentalized so that ordinary luggage related to clothing, medicines, cosmetics and other personal belongings can be placed in the closets and spaces inside. All equipment, accessories, fishing gear and other camping or outdoor activities can be stored in the back, where they can be stored safely to their destination. As you already know, modern motorhomes have a lot of facilities for the comfort of tourists, so the indoor environment is maintained at a constant temperature. The bathroom is also equipped with everything you need, and the kitchen can make your day at your favorite fishing spot easier.

Where do we go motorhome fishing?

Whether you choose to fish in the Danube Delta, in a lake at the foot of the mountains or in specially arranged ponds, when you are with the caravan you can go to a nearby campsite or one right on the lake depending on what the area offers that. Fishing in the Danube Delta is a pleasure for everyone, because the fauna and flora here create a unique atmosphere and if you still get to this wonderful area, take full advantage of the traditions and customs of the locals. The lakes in the mountainous areas are spectacular from all points of view and around them you will find campsites and spaces that diversify activities for the whole family: restaurants, playgrounds, beaches or you can opt for a boat ride. You can choose one of these wonderful lakes: Lake Cincis, Lake Colibita, Lake Surduc or Lake Paltinu. Fishing ponds also remain a good option for sports enthusiasts and certainly in these places fishing is more organized and with results.

All children are delighted to go fishing, even friends appreciate the time spent together on the waterfront. Therefore, opt for your loved ones to have a safe and comfortable holiday with Freedomcamper caravans.

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