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First vacation with the caravan

Are you thinking of going on a caravan vacation, but you have a lot of questions about this experience? Do you have any questions regarding driving, car comfort, luggage organization, resource management? Here are some suggestions that might make your first caravan vacation a repeat experience:

1. Rent a caravan according to your holiday partners

It is important to choose a caravan that suits your holiday needs. Regardless of whether you go with friends or family, it is good to pay attention not only to the number of beds in the caravan but also to how the bathroom is compartmentalized, how the beds are positioned opposite the living area, access to the table and the kitchen area. and last but not least in the storage areas. Even if a caravan can accommodate even 6 people, depending on the model, we advise you to take into account all the activities during the holidays, so that you have comfort and privacy throughout the stay.

2. Plan your vacation according to everyone's tastes

Since a caravan trip gives you the freedom to change itinerary and your accommodation is not conditioned by time or location, you can spend time with your favorite activities and in the desired places. Therefore, in a caravan vacation, the activities can be diverse and to the taste of all travel partners. You can make your plans so that you check all the points of interest.

3. Baggage organization

Most of the time, when you go on vacation, you want to have time for your passions, such as: fishing, cycling, mountain trails and other outdoor activities that become more fun when friends are near. you. When you go by plane with your personal car, this is not very possible, because you always have to be careful about how big your luggage is. When you go with the caravan you can take with you up to 4 bicycles, scooters, skis, fishing gear and other sports equipment, but it is important to be organized so that everyone has fun and quality time. Certainly the first experience with the caravan will not be the last either, because this kind of holiday creates addiction and awakens the travelers and adventurers from each of us.

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