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Bucovina and Maramureș - lands traversed with campervan

Although they have always been there, in recent years more and more travelers are turning their thoughts to Bucovina and Maramureș. I've seen these areas of the country before, but I've never tasted the charm of places like now, and for several reasons: 1. We have traveled with FreedomCamper motorhomes and those who have been on such holidays before know that this experience disconnects you from the classic holidays; 2. We were with children and other couples and had various activities; 3. We felt safe, protected and at the same time free, even if the sanitary restrictions are not completely lifted. 4. The people of the place seemed to be waiting for us like a breath of fresh air and with open arms after the year that had just passed.

We chose a 5-day route in which we tried to combine both visiting the sights, museums, villages and time spent to our heart's content with our goose:

  • We left Bucharest as early as possible in the morning, thinking that we would go in the direction of Târgul Neamț. In addition to countless stops for a coffee, pictures of the kidnapping fields, we deviated from the main road to the edge of a forest to unwind their children and eat snacks. However, I arrived in the first part of the day at the Neamț Fortress, then I went to the Dragoș Vodă Zoo, the Agapia Monastery, the Văratec Monastery, I ate at "Home in Bucovina" and I camped at Camping Cristiana de la Gura Humorului. I could tell a lot about these places but I stop by telling you that we liked them and we would gladly return anytime!

  • The next morning, after a coffee, children's play and a breakfast served in a spring atmosphere with flowering trees and warm sunshine, we left for our next objectives: Humor Monastery, Voroneț Monastery, Museum of Painted Eggs "Lucia Condrea", Sucevita Monastery. We walked in peace, went to a restaurant in the area and camped near the Putna Monastery. Here we spent a wonderful and quiet evening by the river.

  • The next day, we decided to go to Maramureș, but not before seeing the Putna Monastery and Daniil Sihastru's Cell, where we spent almost two hours enjoying the peace of the place, the people around us and the smiles of the children who -they found a perfect place to run and play. After stopping at the Black Ceramics Workshop and continuing on the road to Mocănița. We were greeted by breathtaking landscapes: mountains with snow-capped ridges and barely awakened forests, with flowers on the side of the road and rivers with clean mountain water. In the evening I camped at the Free Dacians.

  • On the fourth day, after breakfast at the restaurant that belonged to the complex, we went to Bârsana Monastery, walked through the village of Breb, hung the map in Cuiul din Sighet and ate at a famous restaurant in town. The next stop was at the Merry Cemetery and at the bazaar with traditional things from Săpânța. We knew that on the last day we had a long way to go home, so we retired early to a campsite in the village and enjoyed a fresh trout right from our host's own farm.Mai aveam de văzut locuri și ne-ar fi plăcut să mai zăbovim prin acele părți, însă acesta este un motiv bun să ne întoarcem.

The fact that we went with the campervans, our vacation, although it was short, was full of unforgettable moments, places, experiences and memories!

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