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The benefits of a campervan vacation

Updated: May 19, 2021

The caravan holiday can combine several things, experiences, tastes and dreams in one stay. You want to have fun, relaxation, to see new places and at the same time to gather beautiful memories. I recently went on a country trip with two other couples and 2 children. I chose the beautiful Bucovina as my destination. We started to make our holiday plans with objectives, attractions and places that we must see. Of course, each of us adds to this list something different to see and do during these days. So, we had to organize ourselves so that the children could have fun, relax and get to all the proposed places without losing sight of the fact that we are on vacation.

So I went with two motorhomes and it turned out to be the best choice and an addictive experience. Here are some of the many advantages of a caravan trip discovered during this stay, which will surely arouse at least your curiosity to taste this kind of tourism.

The caravan holiday offers you accommodation in any destination

Even if your home plan is well established, you can reach a destination that will pleasantly surprise you and where you want to spend more time than you all thought at first. Fortunately, you do not have to go to a hotel that is already booked, paid and is many kilometers away. With the caravan you just have to choose your camping place and enjoy this freedom to stay in wonderful places in maximum safety and comfort.

You can also get to a place that does not turn out to be to your liking or the weather is not on your side. When traveling by caravan, the destination can be changed at any time without any other implications or efforts on your part.

Historic cities, museums, known sights vs. time spent in nature

We went on vacation with the thought of seeing new things, to know the history of cities, to know the locals and their customs, to visit museums and tourist attractions. On the other hand, we want to spend more time with loved ones, to offer children new experiences and to delight our souls with wonderful landscapes, with unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, with endless discussions with friends at a quiet dinner. How can we do it all? The holiday with the caravan is the best way to manage to combine them in a pleasant and harmonious way, without compromising on comfort and relaxation. After a day of traveling to different places, you can enjoy a glass of wine while the children socialize around a campfire in the campsite.

Comfort, safety and flexibility in the caravan

Modern motorhomes are equipped and updated with all our daily demands. In addition to the fact that you have spacious, comfortable beds, separate bathroom and shower, dining area, equipped and equipped kitchen, you can relax to a movie or watch your favorite show, because the current facilities come bundled with Smart TV and the internet. The compartmentalization of the caravan is efficient, so the closets are very spacious and the luggage is no longer a concern for any of you, no matter how many days you travel. Whether you want to cook children's favorite snacks, or have breakfast in nature, in the caravan you have furniture for camping and terrace, so that the moments of relaxation and camping are a complete experience. Holidays by car give you the certainty that you benefit from everything necessary for the safety of you and your children and that the accommodation conditions will not change depending on the chosen destination.

These are just some of the benefits of a car trip, but it's good to discover the others one by one, because it's an experience you need to have at least once.

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